The Green Production Help Desk (GHD) is a initiative implemented by the Royal Scientific Society in full cooperation with ESCWA to strengthen the national capacity in supporting green productive sectors.

The GHD aims to provide information and technical advice to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that want to develop their products and/or their means of production to fit with the principles and objectives of sustainable development, and enables them to engage in the emerging green economy.

The green economy is defined as a sustainable economy and society with zero carbon emissions and a one-planet footprint where all energy is derived from renewable resources which are naturally replenished. A green economy rigorously applies the triple bottom line of people, planet and profits across all corporations at the microeconomic level and throughout the entire economy at the macroeconomic level. In contrast to a green economy, a traditional “black” energy economy is based on carbon-intensive fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum. By definition, a low-carbon economy is distinct from a green economy because it still generates carbon emissions.

The main objective of the initiative is to strengthen capacity of national and local governments in the ESCWA region to formulate policies and programmers for stimulating and developing green production




Other immediate objectives of the initiative are as follow:

  • Increase understanding of policies and programs aimed at the development of green production sectors and awareness of global, regional and local experiences in this area.

  • Increase access by decision makers to information on national / local green production opportunities and options

  • Improve technical skills to formulate national / local policies and programs for stimulating and developing green production sectors.

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